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Real Estate Drone Photography
FAA Certified Pilot


Specialty Building offers a broad range of cost effective drone solutions for the commercial, industrial, government,

and private sectors. We'd love to come fly for you!

We are Part 107 Licensed with the FAA and  insured. Call us today to discuss your drone video needs.

Private Events

Outdoor Party

We offer a complete drone video and photo flyover package for your special events, family gatherings and social get-togethers. Whether you are hosting a conference, a family reunion, a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, a drone flyover offers an exciting and memorable keepsake. 

  • Drone Wedding Photography

  • Sports

  • Graduations

  • Family Reunions

  • Concerts

  • Live Events

  • Breaking News

Real Estate

Aerial Photo of a Real Estate

What better way to stand out than to have unique aerial footage of a property for sale.  With large residential, rural and commercial properties, pictures taken from the ground don’t offer the full view of the property; leaving prospective buyers guessing to what the property has to offer.  Our Videos are perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features.

  • Property Photos and Video Tours

  • Residential Real Estate

  • Commercial Real Estate Drone Services

  • Industrial Real Estate

  • Rural Real Estate Aerial Photography


Advertising on a Building

Who hasn’t seen that plane flying low along an event; with an advertising banner tailed behind them promoting the hottest new club or great new resort.  Whatever your advertising needs, we are here for you.  We offer the same creative eye-catching advertisement method at a much lower cost.  We also help websites by taking videos to make websites more memorable.

  • Aerial Drone Marketing

  • Hotel and Resort

  • Website Content for online business


Bridge Under Construction

Inspections for buildings, bridges, roadways, railroads, roofs, cell towers, cooling towers, oil and gas infrastructure, solar and wind farms.

Perform building and rooftop inspections for residential & commercial real estate. Evaluate leaks, roof & shingle condition, and new installation progress. Easily collect valuable data for actionable decisions.

  • Bridge

  • Power Transmission

  • Gas & Oil Pipe

  • Plant Stacks

  • Roof-Tops


New Houses

Monitor and track progress from the sky with detailed aerial photos. We capture images from various altitudes, distances, and directions to give you the full picture of your project.  Collect comprehensive data for site planning and modeling. Offer cost-effective volume calculations and analysis. Identify challenges and opportunities presented by the terrain to assist every phase of a construction project.

  • Design Planning
    Progress Monitoring
    Aerial View Study

Aerial Film Clips

Aerial View of Luxurious Homes

For whatever film project you are working on, we have a solution to fit your creative needs.  If you’re looking for that unique shot that will set your film project or music video apart, we can capture your vision.  From amazing panoramics to fantastic fade aways and follow alongs, we know how to create the drama you’re after.  

  • Short Films

  • Video Shorts

  • YouTube Videos

Overhead View of Mansion



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